Comfort offer

My friends,

Our dear community suffered a terrible tragedy this week. When I try to explain to people why I work so hard for libraries, I have found the metaphor of libraries as a secular cathedral most apt. This is a place to experience comfort and renewal with no expectation of payment or anything at all. We hold space for you, our community.

There have been many tears shed here over the last days, and there will be more as we all support each other. Please know that this is a wonderful place to be when you want to be around others, but not necessarily interact. Sometimes just hearing the voices of your neighbors brings a kind of serenity. We invite you to be here, if you need to, work on the puzzle or thumb through a magazine in a sunny corner.

I have just created a small display of books about dealing with grief that are available to check out. I am also working on an online list which includes some really interesting stuff from Kanopy and Overdrive. I hope we will see you soon.

Continue to be kind to each other, as I know you all will.
– Lichen

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