Love letter to Jackson

lichenMy dear friends over the last eight years Jackson has provided me with many precious friendships, acquaintances, support and joy. I’ve participated in your kids’ childhoods and watched them grow into extraordinary people. I’ve felt fortunate that some of you have allowed me to comfort you during hard times and many more have boosted me through mine. You have let me into your lives and I’m overwhelmed by the gift that is.

Joining the Jackson community has been one of the great blessings of my life and that is why, with tears in my eyes, I announce that have tendered my resignation to the Board of Trustees. After over 20 years as a librarian, I’ll be swapping fields and working on the administrative team at White Mountain Community Health in Conway.

Our wonderful Board of Trustees have already begun looking for a new director who is worthy of this singular place. I hope that person will allow me to hang around a little so I can see my friends here. Perhaps I’ll drop in to Crafternoon or Cookbook Club!

The process will take several months and I will be here throughout to help the Board ensure there’s no blip in library services or extra pressure on our beloved staff. We will keep you updated as the process moves along.

In the meantime, I will remain your faithful librarian and I’m right here for whatever you need.

With love and affection, Lichen

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